The Carlson School Mentorship Program is a wonderful opportunity for Carlson undergraduate students to develop their professional skills outside of the classroom through the guidance of a professional in the business community. Students participating in this program not only introduce themselves to the professional world, but also represent the Carlson School of Management to its Alumni and Friends. 
Having a mentor can help you better understand the career development process; help you gain specific knowledge of an industry and/or organization by talking to a professional experienced in that area; gain insight into the day-to-day work of a professional in your career field; assist you with resume, cover letter and interview techniques; introduce you to other business leaders in your field; provide advice, encouragement and guidance regardless of whether you are exploring majors or accepted your first job. 
Expectations and Time Commitment
Mentors have volunteered their valuable time to guide students with their career goals. The program commits to providing mentors with above average and proactive Carlson School students who are willing to learn. Participants must fulfill all program expectations. To participate in the program, students must:
  • First time participants must attend a "First Time Mentee" info session in September before the Kick-Off in late September. Please check for available dates on The Edge later this summer to register.
  • Submit a complete application (see below for application information).
  • Attend the Mentorship Kick-Off TBD (late September).
  • Initiate regular contact with your mentor via phone, email and/or meetings. You drive the relationship.
  • Be proactive and willing to meet your mentor at least once a month and see the relationship through to its end in April.
  • Discuss your goals, needs and what you hope to gain from the relationship with your mentor.
  • Act professionally at all times and return phone calls/emails in a timely fashion.
  • Immediately notify program coordinator if circumstances require you to stop participating in the mentorship program or if your mentor is not fulfilling his/her responsibilities. 

Student Eligibility
Any Carlson Sophomore, Junior or Senior (by year in school, not credits) may apply for the Mentorship Program, if you:
  • Commit to meeting with your mentor once a month (virtually if your mentor is from out-of-town or you are studying abroad).
  • Are enthusiastic about the program and the opportunity to develop your networking and communication skills.  
  • Act in a professional manner and do not assume this program will help you get a job or internship.  

Applications Process
Applications are accepted from mid-April to May 15, 2016.  Applications will not be accepted after this date. 
Please complete the necessary steps to apply for the program.
  1. Click on the "Join Now" button at the top of this page to apply and complete their profile.  
  2. Once your request to join has been approved you will receive an email with instructions for completing your profile.
  3. All students will be notified of their match in early September.
For more information, please visit our website on the Carlson intranet.  Questions, please contact Chad Ellsworth at